• Fees: Flag Football $100.00 per child
  • Registration packet (registration and payment) must be completed before player will be added to any team roster.
  • Any incomplete packets will hold up player placement on team roster. No physicals are required for flag football for registration.
  • Mean Machine will supply the equipment to all children registered. Mean Machine does not provide a mouthpiece, socks, or cleats. Mouthpieces are required for every player. The undersigned is to be held responsible for all equipment issued to their child. All items will be returned at the request of the organization or end of the season as required, in good, clean condition. The parent/guardian will be billed for any equipment not returned or damaged beyond normal use at the replacement price of the equipment.
  • I, the parent/guardian of the below-mentioned participant, do hereby give approval to participate in any and all of the activities during the season, which includes fundraising, and championship games.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable, participants play at their own risk.

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